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Starwin Ghana Limited is listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange

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Starwin Products Limited is a reputable pharmaceutical company and the first of only two organizations in the industry to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.  It evolved from Sterling Products International Limited, an American Pharmaceutical Company which incorporated an affiliate, Sterling Products Ghana Limited in 1960.  The company changed its name to Starwin Products Limited in 1993 when it was taken over by Ghanaians.  It however continues to produce generic products acquired from its parent company but under new brand names.  It has also introduced additional brands to its original brands.

By shareholders’ resolution in February 2004, the company was transformed into a Public Limited Liability Company and the company’s Regulations were reconstituted accordingly.


The company is registered to carry on the following businesses or objects:

  1. To manufacture, import, export and deal in Pharmaceutical Products and Drugs of any kind
  2. To manufacture, import, export and deal in Germicides, Antiseptics, Insecticides, Industrial and Household Cleaners, Cleaning Equipment, Detergents, Cutting Oils and Household Finishes and Polishes, Car Polishes, Wood Preservatives and Stains, Domestic and Industrial Appliances
  3. To provide and sell Industrial Cleaning Services


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P. O. Box 5760, Accra-North

contact us Phone: 233-302-221788/220416,230416
Fax: 233-302-225039
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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MIssion Statement

We are a team committed to creating distinctive solutions for the needs of mankind in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Health products.
We measure our success by the achievement of market leadership, superior financial returns and an environment of trust and personal growth.
We accomplish this through the dedication of all of us and all of our resources to continuous improvement in all that we do.